Why “Relational Parents” Instead Of Relational Parenting?

“Every one of our repeating struggles is held in place by our conditioning, and a judgment.”
– T

Hello! I’m Theresa Puckett – “T” – Parent Guide & Harmonizer, and bestselling coauthor in Unleash Your Inner Magnificence.

I’ve always been able to feel and consider other people’s perspectives – really ’get’ where they’re coming from.

This served me well growing up, in consulting and business, and even as a new parent.

Then years passed as I put many goals, achievements, and to-do’s ahead of my Self and my family.

Huge Struggles were around the corner as I ’switched off,’ after the kids were in school. I had decided it was time to return to the Land of Achieving.

Building a business, serving clients, contributing in the community, and still showing up for most baseball games…I began to vaguely notice that something was not aligned.

Then I got really busy in the world of personal transformation and development. Happily I ‘went to work’ there, investing over six figures over the years, enthusiastically following knowledgeable gurus.

Until finally the first domino fell. I started to remember. Remember Who I Am. Remember that I am My Own Guru. And You Are Too!!

Through Relational Parents I facilitate each Parent’s re-connection with their own Heart. Your own Truth. Your own… KNOWING!

When you – as a parent – are leading with your Heart, with deep awareness of many possibilities, THAT part of you is cultivating an INCREDIBLE Family Atmosphere. Your child then has the space and the freedom to grow and develop and follow their own heart’s path.

It does take Courage and Willingness.

T ~ Parent Guide & Harmonizer

Strategic Intervention Coach

Encouragement Consultant

Montessori Teacher

Parent Educator





Robbins Madanes Training

trained by Lynn Lott

Princeton Ctr for Teacher Ed.

Positive Discipline Certified

Strategic Intervention Coach ~ Robbins Madanes Training

Encouragement Consultant ~ trained by Lynn Lott

Montessori Teacher ~ Princeton Ctr for Teacher Ed.

Parent Educator ~ Positive Discipline Certified

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