The question should be “HOW” are we commanding – we all do it to ourselves in some way. In 2015 I was commanding myself to be a better mother. Bah! That was a HARD way. This episode is for you if you’re ready for something Different!

For decades I made myself wrong.

  • As a way to keep myself ‘in line.’
  • As a way to feel guilty (because, if I felt guilty, wasn’t I somehow making up for the ‘wrong’ that I had done?),
  • As a way of making someone Else right.

Stop right there!  That’s where I’m zooming in.

For sooo long I made Other People right – they ‘knew more’ than I did, they ‘knew everything’, or they were just ‘better’ than I was. First my mother, then my cousin…then a long long string of others…)

This week it’s my birthday. And I’m Happy to share that after more than 5 decades in this body I understand, feel, get – at a cellular and energetic level – that No One knows everything.

And yes, that’s one thing.  But the REALLY liberating thing?

It means that I don’t have all the answers for anyone else either. Yes, INCLUDING my kids. And my spouse. (And myself.  But that’s a different topic!)

Scary?  Maybe, yes.  Free-ing? You bet your ASS!!

So, I can, you can, we ALL can let ourselves off the hook of “I need to figure this out for my kid.”

Because it’s heavy.

And it’s not kind.

And MOST importantly: it’s just not bleeping TRUE!!

If this serves you, confuses you, or intrigues you, Tell me more!!

Let me hear from you!

And…if you watch the video, I promised a way to schedule a call to connect, if you are stuck. HERE it is!  

xo ~  T.