Great Students

What comes to mind when you think about a “great” student? Play with me, and in 12 minutes you could be (even) more Relational! Want to stop reacting reflexively to your kid’s behavior? Schedule a complimentary call to clarify your vision and next...

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Teacher or Student?

Gone the days when they depended on us for everything. It’s time to get more skillful in order to provide more for them now than food and shelter. Let’s chat! Register for September’s FREE playshop, where writing coach Joanna Norland is sharing a Magic way to connect...

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Balaboosta’s Secret

Join me as I chat with Linda Lederman (pronounced Letterman), whose mission is to teach us how to make meal preparation easy, and mealtimes FUN!!  Sounds like a recipe for a joyful household. Join me for the upcoming *free*...

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When they don’t clean up

Surprise! My kids are no different than yours in this regard! This is the story from the Parent perspective, as opposed from the “parenting” perspective. Keeping it real! Join me for the upcoming free Playshop:...

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Using Better Words

I’m putting a stake in the ground, to reduce the misunderstandings and emotional charge associated with talking about “masculine energy” and “feminine energy.” Join me for the upcoming free Playshop:...

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More than SPEED

We know Yin is slower, relative to Yang. But Harmonizing our energy is about SO. MUCH. MORE. As it turns out, your speed does not NEED to change in order to experience incredible harmony! Join me for the upcoming free Playshop:...

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The Momentum of Yang

What does Yin & Yang – the nucleus of the ancient Taoist philosophy – have to do with our challenges as parents? Plenty, as it turns out! Need more Yin, to balance the Yang? You are in great company. Check out Frenzy to Flow, and consider joining...

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The Key Ingredient for Flow

If you have an adolescent, you are parenting a child who has grown up with a level of tech way beyond what you and I imagined as teens. The gaming, the social media…the size of the smart phones… Add the recent entrance of gender fluidity, and the landscape can become...

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From Frenzy to Flow

We may be doing fewer things, but stress and anxiety are more palpable than ever. In this episode I share about an amazing physical practice that can help us learn to trust ourselves. From the YINside out! To find out more:

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