THIS is It!

How do you feel threatened?  How do you feel blocked from showing up as the REAL You?  This One Thing can help. Can soften. Can help You to soften! What will you try for 5 minutes today or tomorrow? If you like what you’re hearing, register for our upcoming *LIVE*...

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What are you Filtering?

We all have triggers, and we all filter some things out (words, attitudes, energies). Living with an adolescent can present some extra-challenging situations. The gag is, when interacting with an adolescent it’s even MORE important to be aware of our own filters. If...

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Hidden Parts of your Adolescent

Are you making it easy for them to share with you – or are there barriers you can remove? When we as parents shrink the energetic environment around our expectations, often there are unintended consequences. If you like to soften the energetic environment in your...

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Which Scripts are YOU following?

Join me as I interview Hayden Humphrey, who talks to us about Art, Moxie, and UN-scripting Your Life. It’s a powerful conversation that can open the door to your own Possibility Thinking! Go to to take the quiz and  find out how...

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Lost Pieces of You

Which authentic parts of yourself have you shut down or “sent away,” perhaps in response to someone’s expectations, advice, or judgment? Visit and register for our upcoming Live *FREE* Playshop!

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Knowledge will Not Save You

We ARE human, every one of us.  And part of that is making ‘mistakes’ – having experiences that we regard as imperfect.  My son inspired this episode with how he handled himself recently.  So naturally I’m sharing ~! Friend, I invite you to register for our upcoming...

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What’s so Big about Harmony?

It’s not about “sounding good.” It’s about really resonating and being in SYNC. After this 10 minute episode, if you are intrigued I invite you to reach out to me via email ( Just Because I would love to connect. Friend, I invite you to...

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A Tale of Two Dads

Same day, same town. Totally different dynamic between THIS dad and his kids.An incredible real-life lesson in Harmony, and one of the key ingredients to cultivate it.

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What does Harmony mean to YOU?

It’s more than a lack of conflict. It’s broader than ‘perfect’ tranquility. In this episode I share a simple ingredient that is absolutely NECESSARY for Harmony.  ~ Grab your seat now for the LIVE, FREE playshop TOMORROW, May 7: Mine your Mind!! (Replay...

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It MUST be Magic!

How else can I explain it? I said something to my child and got a Wildly Negative reaction, and then I saw something I couldn’t BELIEVE! Join us for our upcoming Free Playshop: {Mine your Mind!}

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