The World today is Fast-Paced,
and Brain-Based.

The PACE of change has accelerated.

We all noticed it with the arrival of Smart Phones and Social Media.

What we ‘knew’ about gender and sexuality (just a few decades ago) looks a lot like the Dark Ages, today.

I can help you open to possibilities and perspectives you may not even be aware of right now!

Your Adolescent
does NOT need to be Fixed!

That can be challenging to believe in a world where there are so many disorders and diagnoses.

So many people eager to label and judge right and wrong.

I help you learn to Trust YourSelf – heart, body, mind and spirit – and support and guide your adolescent with confidence.

Theresa Puckett Live Playshop


Ignite your Confidence in your own Inner Knowing in this Group Program like none other.

~ Frenzy to Flow ~

We are Flitting FAST! This body-based class helps you create more space ~
Space to respond more consciously and feel more fully.

Theresa Puckett Live Playshop


Sometimes 1-to-1 support feels the best. I LOVE working 1-to-1. Schedule a “get acquainted” call and let’s explore what the best fit is for you.

I help parents of adolescents learn to trust themselves.

Yes! I want to reduce rebellion & frustration!

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