If you have an adolescent, you are parenting a child who has grown up with a level of tech way beyond what you and I imagined as teens.

The gaming, the social media…the size of the smart phones…

Add the recent entrance of gender fluidity, and the landscape can become daunting in a hurry.

Tracking with me?

These are some giant shifts in the landscape. It can be easier to focus on something smaller, that we’re more familiar with (like chores or homework, for example).

Sometimes too it’s tough to see the forest for the trees. What happens when we start harping on a ‘tree’, or issuing bold proclamations (“That’s it! I’m taking your cell phone at 10 o’clock”)? Our teen rebels or withdraws.

THAT is when I see parents commiserating – online and in person – about disrespectful or problematic behaviors. The household stress intensifies. And often the situation worsens.

This is fanning the flames of stress, and closing off communication. Feeding the Frenzy. Moving fast, judging behavior and seeking advice from others to manage the situation. This is Yang energy. And there is nothing wrong with it per se. (It is by nature faster, related to doing, and externally focused.)

Yin and Yang energies are both necessary. They act to reinforce and balance one another.

How could it look if we allowed the Yin? Slowing down, checking in with ourselves, considering other possibilities, and discussing with our teen – rather than talking ‘at’ them. These are the energetics of Yin.

Allowing and cultivating Yin aspects of energy is not something we saw modelled by our own parents (not most of us, anyway). But it is absolutely critical now, more than ever before, to support the adolescents of TODAY.

You can’t flow without it.

Yin is IN!

If you are interested in cultivating more Yin energy within yourself (calmer, deeper, slower energies), my upcoming Frenzy to Flow program – taught through the modality of Yin yoga – may be a great fit for you.

I hope you’ll join me!

xo ~ T.